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New Release: Our Demented Play Date


Sarah’s been to Cape Cod before. The beach is ok, but the rest of it? Boring. And if spending half of August away from her friends wasn’t bad enough, her parents announce she’s expected to hang out with their friend’s daughter Rachel. Sarah’s seventeen years old; she’ll be a high school senior in only a month. Can’t she just stay at home by herself?

Whatever Sarah expected from this demented play date, Rach isn’t it. She’s beautiful, smart, stylish—totally on point. And she likes girls and is very out of the closet. Suddenly, two weeks on Cape looks a lot more interesting. If only Sarah can bring herself to come out and tell her how she feels.

Young adult/New Adult lesbian romance. 60,000 words.

Available for purchase or KU borrow on amazon.com

Blog Hop Against Homo/Bi/Transphobia 2015

Today is the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia.

Ok, so what? I mean. Really, this is kind of a Folk Song Army sort of thing for most of the people who read this. It’s really easy to grandstand against the hatemongers in the world and Goddess knows, we have more than enough of them and they all seem to be coming out from under their rocks due to the marriage case at the Supreme Court.

But I’d like remind everyone in my own community that we’re hardly guilt free on this subject. I was horrified this week to come across an argument in an online lesbian forum from someone frothing at the mouth with some weird bi-phobic agenda. (Well, to be honest, she threw in an anti-trans slur as well, so she’s an equal opportunity bigot I guess.) More or less, if you ever touched a guy or you even thought about it, you didn’t qualify for Real Lesbian™ status and were unwanted lest you sully the purity of her bodily fluids or some nonsense.

It’s not like this post is going to change that person’s opinion if she reads it, but here’s something those of us willing to listen can do: stop tolerating bigotry in our own communities. That’s exactly what happened. This particular forum has no tolerance for intra-community prejudice and her post was removed as soon as the mods got to it. That needs to start being the rule not the exception. Silence really does equal consent and the same is true in our own community regarding bi and transphobia as it is when a school allows students to freely toss around “that’s gay” in their hallways and classrooms.

Ok. Lecture over. Now comes the reward. If you care to leave a comment at the bottom of this post, you’ll be entered to win a free e-book copy of Seven Minutes in Heaven as well as a pre-release e-book of Our Demented Playdate when I finally finish it. I’ll be pulling winners at the end of the Bog Hop on the 24th.

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Getting There!

I am really trying very hard not to be a one hit wonder and I wanted to drop a line and mention that I am making progress on my next book. January to May is the busiest time of the year at work and also the most stressful and I really found myself sitting down and just not wanting to write.

Glad tidings though, the project is at rest and I’m sitting down every day and writing. Also, while I wasn’t really in the mood to write, I did a lot of outlining of scenes and they’re going pretty quick. I should be finished in another week and my hope is the book will be out by the end of June depending on how quickly my editor can get to it.

The title, unless lightning strikes me with a new inspiration, will be Our Demented Play Date. It’s about two seventeen year old girls who’re dragged on what they assume will be a boring family vacation during which they’re expected to make nice as if they’re little kids on a play date. Well, it turns out they have a lot in common.

After Play Date, I’m torn between another Cape Cod story set in Provincetown and an idea I’ve had kicking around my head inspired by my time working at a pizza joint in college.

Reviews & Interviews & New Works

First things first. I apologize to all of you for the delays, but I am working on a new book. Really! I am! I feel like it’s taking forever and I apologize, but I’m hopeful it will be out towards the end of May. A book set on the beach that you could take with you to Cape Cod on Memorial Day weekend!

Or that’s the goal.

In the meantime, I did an interview with author and blogger Lynn Lawler that I really enjoyed. She also wrote a review of Seven Minutes that’s left me blushing! I hope you’ll check them out along with the rest of her blog. She’s featured a lot of great les-fic authors.

Inspirations For Seven Minutes

A few ramblings while watching the blizzard out my window.

When I wrote Seven Minutes in Heaven, I wasn’t sure how the whole concept would go with people. The initial inspiration for this story came several years ago at an early spring day when my partner and I went for a drive in one of the ritzier neighborhoods on Cape Cod (hint: there’s a “compound” there) and I caught sight of a Christmas tree. It was sitting, fully decorated, in the sun room of a huge beautiful house where it had apparently been left after a shared family holiday.

Before I moved here, when I thought of someone owning a second home on Cape Cod, I thought of someone wealthy who had a home near the water that they visited during the summer. That’s how most of these family vacation homes got their start, but as grandparents move to a retirement condo in Florida and their kids disperse around the country for work, many of these homes become a shared family resource and more than any other place the defacto family home. After the summer passes, there’s a brief hiatus and then at Thanksgiving and again at Christmas you see these places suddenly light up for a week, the driveways full of cars, and then, just as suddenly, they go dark as people return to their regular lives.

Flash forward several years and I’m going over my various ideas for romances and I remember that tree sitting there and think about all the women I’ve known who’ve ended up washing ashore here after some kind of setback in life. It’s usually a divorce, but it can be a professional setback, or in some cases recovery from cancer or an accident. Whatever it is, suddenly someone, almost inevitably a woman, needs a place to live and people remember the summer home is actually four season and empty. Suddenly, it’s their house and they need to make a life here, even if temporarily, often without a lot of friends or much to do.

Now what if she had something  waiting for her here, something or someone that she didn’t even know was around the corner. Ok, I thought, that’s a story, or at least I hoped it was.

Must have been since people are both buying it and liking it after they buy and a big thanks to all of you.

So Happy!

Seven Minutes has been out for almost a week and it’s doing better than I could possibly have imagined. People are giving it great ratings on both Amazon and the somewhat harsher critics of Goodreads. It’s certainly selling well.

Just a big thanks to any readers who stop by to visit.

If you liked the first book, consider signing up for my mailing list. Despite the not-changing word counts on the right hand bar, I am still working on my new book. It’s just been stormy and busy at the Evil Day Job and I’ve been trying to avoid coming down with a cold.

Release Day

Well yesterday was release day for Seven Minutes in Heaven. I was terrified at what the reaction would be, but I never imagined it could possibly take off like it has. A day after waking up and being delighted that it was on the lesbian romance best seller list, it’s currently at #4 which simply boggles my mind.

For me, the process of writing is first thinking of a great idea and then having the actual writing of the book slowly convince me I was insane. Seeing people actually buy the book and send feedback that they enjoyed it is a huge boost.

I can’t express enough thanks to fellow author Michele Rivera for early beta reading and my partner (wife in 37 states? maybe more? I’ve lost track) for the final critique and lots of encouragement and time to sit at the computer.

Thanks to everyone who took a chance on someone new and I’ll try to get back to working on that next book!

Seven Minutes In Heaven


So there it is. It’s an actual book. It’s even going to be in print or at least it’s first cousin print-on-demand. Yesterday, after one last run through editing and a little blurb doctoring by some friends, with trembling fingers I clicked the button to set up a pre-order. So Seven Minutes In Heaven for Megan and Andi, four days of nervous creeping up on terror for me!

Here’s hoping people enjoy it!

Seven Minutes In Heaven

With her marriage in ruins and nowhere else to go, Megan escapes to her family’s summerhouse on Cape Cod to lick her wounds., but even in that haven from reality, she finds the past catching up with her. Enter Andi, an old friend she’d all but forgotten.

Sixteen years ago, Andi was an independent local girl with short blond hair and a reputation for kissing other girls. Megan’s family disapproved of Andi, for her unapologetic sexuality and her attitude, but the girls became quick friends. When Megan’s cousin locked them in a closet for a game of Seven Minutes In Heaven, it was meant to be a cruel joke to drive them apart. Instead, it led to Megan’s first kiss… with Andi.

Now adults, neither woman has forgotten their brief but tantalizing game. Slowly, they edge their way toward each other once more, but is being together in the adult world only a game… or heaven?

Available At Amazon



When I wrote very short pieces, I used to like editing. It was fun. Fix some typos, change a few things here and there. It was easy. At 30,000 words, my current WIP, Seven Minutes In Heaven, is something else.  There’s structure, voice, characters, continuity, not to mention how easily it is to stop editing and start reading and lose track.

Mostly though, it’s the terror of wanting something to be the best it can be and at the same time remembering that you can’t stay still forever. I remember a book I read on writing that commented that while the first rule of writing is “butt in chair,” the second rule is “get your butt out of the chair and put it in the mail to agents.” (Yes, this was an old book.) I suspect that is doubly true for new writers because of how much one learns when one is actually writing and time I spend editing is time I’m not writing my second book.

I have one more set of feedback to go through and then I’ll be doing my final pass, formatting it, and uploading it to Amazon. Scary scary stuff.

Unless I decide to redo the cover…

Lovers, Partners, and Wives

I’ve just finished reading Rhavensfyre’s excellent Chase and Rowan serial. Read? Rampage through more accurately. I pretty much read the three novellas in one long binge. You should do the same, particularly if you like horses. I’m pretty equinophobic and still loved the series.

What really caught my eye  though was one single word: lover. It got me to thinking about the different ways that our community has talked about our relationships. Back when I was in college, partner was slowly overtaking lover as the word of choice and it’s always been the one that I’ve favored. To me, it seemed more about the interpersonal commitement rather than the act of loving.

Yet lover was also about commitment. Your lover wasn’t just someone you met that night and went to bed with. It meant partner or wife. It meant permanence. I wonder if in the age of where people didn’t believe gay sex was “real” if it was a way of hammering that home. No, we are not just friends. We are not spinsters. We have not just failed to meet the right guy. We are actually doing the deed. In the bed. With each other. Deal with it.

I am delighted to discover that I am now becoming out of date as well because it’s clear to me that partner is joining lover in the realm of words that are taking on a bit of an old fashioned sound. I hang around a few places for younger lesbians on the net and I notice another change in terminology. When people talk about permanence, the term “wife” has definitely replaced partner for the millenials, even the ones living in states where marriage still hasn’t been legalized. My partner have been legally married for five years, but I still have weird issues with the term wife. Usually I’ll only use it when I’m specifically jabbing it in someone’s eye that we really are married. Using it casually just seems odd to me. A little too patriarchal? Not quite queer enough?

I’ve never really gotten on the younger generation sucks bandwagon. Yeah, Gen-Y sometimes makes me want to gouge my eyes out when they need so much social reassurance about something, but when I look at how effortlessly they have embraced the future without the hangups I grew up with, I’m both envious and deeply impressed.

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