A few ramblings while watching the blizzard out my window.

When I wrote Seven Minutes in Heaven, I wasn’t sure how the whole concept would go with people. The initial inspiration for this story came several years ago at an early spring day when my partner and I went for a drive in one of the ritzier neighborhoods on Cape Cod (hint: there’s a “compound” there) and I caught sight of a Christmas tree. It was sitting, fully decorated, in the sun room of a huge beautiful house where it had apparently been left after a shared family holiday.

Before I moved here, when I thought of someone owning a second home on Cape Cod, I thought of someone wealthy who had a home near the water that they visited during the summer. That’s how most of these family vacation homes got their start, but as grandparents move to a retirement condo in Florida and their kids disperse around the country for work, many of these homes become a shared family resource and more than any other place the defacto family home. After the summer passes, there’s a brief hiatus and then at Thanksgiving and again at Christmas you see these places suddenly light up for a week, the driveways full of cars, and then, just as suddenly, they go dark as people return to their regular lives.

Flash forward several years and I’m going over my various ideas for romances and I remember that tree sitting there and think about all the women I’ve known who’ve ended up washing ashore here after some kind of setback in life. It’s usually a divorce, but it can be a professional setback, or in some cases recovery from cancer or an accident. Whatever it is, suddenly someone, almost inevitably a woman, needs a place to live and people remember the summer home is actually four season and empty. Suddenly, it’s their house and they need to make a life here, even if temporarily, often without a lot of friends or much to do.

Now what if she had something  waiting for her here, something or someone that she didn’t even know was around the corner. Ok, I thought, that’s a story, or at least I hoped it was.

Must have been since people are both buying it and liking it after they buy and a big thanks to all of you.