Well yesterday was release day for Seven Minutes in Heaven. I was terrified at what the reaction would be, but I never imagined it could possibly take off like it has. A day after waking up and being delighted that it was on the lesbian romance best seller list, it’s currently at #4 which simply boggles my mind.

For me, the process of writing is first thinking of a great idea and then having the actual writing of the book slowly convince me I was insane. Seeing people actually buy the book and send feedback that they enjoyed it is a huge boost.

I can’t express enough thanks to fellow author Michele Rivera for early beta reading and my partner (wife in 37 states? maybe more? I’ve lost track) for the final critique and lots of encouragement and time to sit at the computer.

Thanks to everyone who took a chance on someone new and I’ll try to get back to working on that next book!